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Employees who work longer hours loses their ability to be productive. This will lead to the decline of engagement and increased level of distractions. When they don’t have access to cool and refreshing beverages and snacks, they return late after break or lunch.

By providing them with a self-service vending machine that caters to modern workplace, your employees are unlikely to be tempted away from their desks for their daily intake of snacks and refreshments. Our mission is to help you create a sustainable working environment by providing efficient and cost-effective vending solution.

What We Offer

You can reduce those down times and boost morale to fuel workplace performance by placing one of our vending machines in your break room. Our vending services will definitely suit large or small workplace needs.

Snack and Beverage Vending Machines

Our machines can store more than 500 different varieties of Snacks and Ready-To-Drink beverages. Regardless of the machine you choose, we make sure that they are well stocked, and maintained.

If you are looking for a cost-effective employee benefit, here are the options available for you:

Free Vending Program

The company offsets the entire cost so that employees and guests don’t have to pay for any product they choose.

Subsidized Vending Program

Want to install vending machines that allow you to share product costs with your employees? In this program, your company will cover a percentage of the cost so your employees only pay a smaller amount of the item they want to purchase.

Traditional Vending

Employees will pay for the full price of each item they buy. You’ll have an on-site workplace refreshment without increasing your company expenses, and your employees can enjoy cold beverages in their workplace.


Your company will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your employees don’t have to go elsewhere to get snacks and refreshments. They stay on site during breaks and lunch.
  • They will increase productivity and morale. Employees place value on personalized simple and cost-effective benefits like easy access to free cold and clean beverages.
  • You will have a higher return of investments in the areas of retention, morale, employee engagement, and productivity. Putting a convenient vending machine into your workplace shows prospective and current employees that you care.

Install one of our machines in your break room and keep your employees happy, satisfied, and on site.

Workplace Vending is Worry Free!

We will regularly fill your machine with your employee’s favorite products. Routine maintenance will be performed by our staff at no extra charge to your company.

Get the program that best fits your company needs today!